When it comes to repairing an appliance, Brooklyn is the only place to be

The Hill article Brooklyn is home to a number of well-known appliance repair shops and businesses.

It also has a number the top-rated home appliance repair business in the nation, with more than $1.1 trillion in sales last year, according to the Association of Home Appliance Repair Professionals.

But there are a number ways to shop for appliances in Brooklyn, including in Manhattan and Brooklyn Park, the borough’s newest neighborhood.

The Hill’s Scott Lissner is looking to change that.

Here’s a look at some of the best Brooklyn-area home appliance shops and how you can find the best deals.


Hachette Home Improvement: Hacchette Home Improvements is a popular shop in the borough, Lissinger says.

“They have great value for money, and they are really knowledgeable about everything from basic repairs to high-end products.”

The store’s “great value” has long been its ability to provide a full range of appliance repairs, from new appliances to kitchen appliances.

“Hachettes was the first to offer a new car on its website, and a lot of people went on the website and bought a new Honda Civic,” Lissener says.

HACHETTES also offers refurbished and refurbished appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, dishwashing machines and dishwasher units.

Lissler says Hachettes has a wide selection of appliances for all kinds of budgets.

“We sell a lot more kitchen appliances than any other shop, because of the price,” he says.


Lowe’s Home Improvement Store: The Lowe’s store is a well-loved, longtime fixture in Brooklyn.

Lizzie Kallman, who opened the store in 2010, says it’s a “great, friendly store” with “a great reputation for service.”

The stores “are just a lot easier to find than some of those other locations that are a little more expensive,” she says.


K&M Furniture: “K&M has been in Brooklyn for a long time,” Lizzi Kallmann says.

She says the store is the oldest in Brooklyn and offers “the best value in terms of refurbished, refurbished refurbished.”

K&Ms inventory is “always on the up-and-up,” she adds.


Kmart: Kmart is a local company, but it’s one of the boroughs top brands.

“Kmart is not only a great store, but a great family,” Kallmans says.

Kmarts customer service is “amazing.”


Home Depot: The store is one of Home Depot’s most popular stores in the Brooklyn area.

Littner says it “has been the go-to location in the region for many years,” but that it’s “not always the best choice for a new or used appliance.”

“The best choice, I think, for a refurbished or refurbished appliance, is Home Depot,” he adds.


Sears: The Sears store is “a really great option for people who don’t want to go to Home Depot or Home Depot alone,” Littners says.

Sears is the “go-to place for people looking for new appliances and refurbishments,” he continues.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Sears to people who do not want to use Home Depot.”


Home Improvement Repair in Brooklyn: The Brooklyn store is well-established in the area, and it has “a very good reputation,” Liz says.

The store “is a really great place to shop,” she notes.


Sears and AutoZone: “It is the Sears store that has been my go- to store for a very long time.

We are both well-respected by our customers and by the local community,” Lissa says.

And Liss, a former Sears employee, says that “everyone who has worked here for over 25 years has been really pleased.”


HomeAway: HomeAways is the second largest appliance repair shop in Brooklyn with about 4,500 customers.

Lisa Kallon, Lizzio and Lizza Kallons manager, says the chain “provides an excellent value and excellent customer service.”


Lasswells Appliance Depot: Lassillos is a “true local, family-owned business” and “brings people together,” says Liss.

“The people who work here are always welcoming and welcoming.”


Sears AutoZone (formerly Sears Home Depot): The Lassills are the largest auto repair store in the country, with about 7,000 customers.

The Lissens say the store “has the best value of any auto repair shop” and offers the best in value.


JCPenney: JCP has been a “huge

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