How Jim ‘jim’ Meeks gets the best out of his new Olympus AVS-A5A5R-4S (2015)

What are the pros and cons of Olympus’ new AVS A5A 5S?

Olympus says the Olympus AVs 5S will deliver a ‘superior’ image quality in its wide-angle lenses.

In short, it’ll have a wider field of view than the AVS 4S, but the AVs 4S is a little better at low-light and has a bit more power. 

But the biggest improvement is the sharpness of the lenses.

The Olympus A5S has been the benchmark for a while now, and the A5 has been consistently the winner.

In the APS-C cameras of the time, it was an incredible performer, with sharp edges and a very good bokeh effect.

Now, thanks to the new AVs A5, Olympus has made the lens a little more refined.

And that means more sharpness and more detail, with the AV’s sharpest lenses making sharper images and sharper scenes. 

The Olympus A7S-E3 and A7X-E4 are among the best wide-angles lenses available, but they have a limited range of lenses to choose from.

You can’t go to a store and get an A7 lens.

But if you can find a really good lens with a wide-angled focal length (such as the Panasonic E-M1), you can go to Olympus and pick up an A5 lens. 

If you want to use the new A5s wide-award-winning wide-field zoom, it’s a good option.

The new A7 lenses can deliver a little extra depth of field when used with an adapter. 

There’s also a new wide-range of lenses with a smaller focus distance (35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm).

This range can be used in a wide range of situations.

You’re not limited to just a 35mm or 50mm lens anymore. 

A lot of new Olympus wide-format cameras offer a wide viewfinder, but a few of them have limited lens options.

For example, the Olympus E-Series A5 series has limited lens choices for a very wide-open angle (WOA) camera.

There’s also an Olympus M4/M5 series that offers a wider WOA angle (35-120mm), but they’re limited to 50mm and 75mm focal lengths. 

So if you want the widest-angle viewfinder in your camera, the AV5S is your best bet.

But even if you only want a wide WOA lens, the wide-resolution lenses available with the Olympus A9 and A5 make a great combination.

The wider a lens is, the more pixels it can take. 

You can also get a wide angle lens for less money, but you might be limited to one lens or two if you’re using the same sensor as a wide lens.

That’s OK, though, because you’ll get the same results with a larger lens and more pixels. 

One of the best features of the Olympus lens is that it has a focus peaking system.

When a lens has a built-in peaking sensor, you can set the shutter speed to the highest setting that works best for your shooting style.

If you set the focus peak to infinity, it takes a picture of the scene, then it peeks over to the nearest object.

If it’s not at infinity, then the peaking works in a similar way to the shutter of a camera that has a stop-down function. 

Now, you might think that this would limit you to focusing only on the subject, but it’s actually not.

The focus peaks work in tandem with the AF system of the camera.

So if you shoot a scene and you’re going to use a wide, wide angle, you’ll need to focus on a specific subject in your frame and then peep over to it. 

To achieve this, you’re basically shooting the whole scene.

The peaking does not take over until the camera is stopped down, so you can then zoom in on the subjects you want. 

When using the AF-A AF system, the lens will stay focused on the scene you’re shooting for up to six seconds, but that’s only if the AF is on.

If the AF sensor is off, the AF will stay off for up the rest of the picture. 

With the Olympus M7, you still have the wide, large AF-AF-AF peaking, but now you’re also able to set the AF speed.

You still have to be in focus, but with a faster AF speed you can see the subjects in the frame and get a better picture of your subject. 

Here’s the problem with

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