Claytons appliance repairs may not be covered under warranties

By Michael M. O’BrienPublished Nov 11, 2018 09:11:00Updated Nov 11.

2018 10:23:25A company that offers its customers a choice of a few repair options for appliances is asking customers not to rely on its warranty when it comes to repairs.

The company, Claytons Appliances, has a warranty on its products, but it only covers repairs made after the warranty period.

“If you need a repair that is done outside of the warranty, it is not covered,” said Doug Buehler, vice president of customer experience at Claytons.

“If we need a replacement, that is not included in the warranty.

And that is where the concern comes in.

If you want to replace a unit that is under warranty, you are responsible for making a claim for the cost of the repair.”

If you have a Claytons warranty, Bueelman said, you can choose between a one-year warranty and a one year service plan.

In either case, he said, the warranty will cover the cost if the problem is fixed.

“You have the choice of not having a warranty, or you have an obligation to buy a product that is covered by the warranty,” Buecker said.

“In either case it’s very, very important that you take care of your appliance.”

A Claytons spokesperson told The Huffington Playbook that the company’s warranty covers all repairs made within the warranty’s coverage period.

The problem with this is that repairs made outside of a warranty period can be expensive, especially when compared to what the manufacturer is charging, Bueshler said.

“For example, the price of a repair of a Clayton Appliance is less than what we charge,” Buesler said.

He added that a Clayons repair warranty typically covers all of the costs of repair, including labor, packaging, and installation.

If you decide to shop around, Buedhler said, it might be best to get a second opinion.

“It’s important to do a second inspection and make sure you get the best warranty coverage you can,” he said.

If not, Clayton can help with the cost.

“They will send you an invoice to show you what the actual cost is,” Buedler said, but the company is not obligated to do so.

“So if you are not sure what you need to pay, you should contact Claytons directly.”

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