Which appliances repair or refurbish more than $500,000?

It’s the latest trend in appliance repair.

But which appliances repair more than the $500K mark?

And which appliances are worth more than others?

We asked experts from multiple appliance repair shops to find out.

Here’s what they said.


Home Appliance Repair: For the most part, the cheapest and easiest way to get the most value is to repair and replace an appliance, said Brian Wojcik, owner of Home Appliances in Indianapolis.

You can save up to 80 percent by replacing your kitchen countertops with a new one.2.

Kitchen Appliances: Many people overlook the $200K mark, Wojcik said.

In fact, a small fraction of the appliances that need repair or replacement in a year are worth less than $200,000, according to a 2015 study by the National Appliance Association.

A $100,000 appliance can easily cost more than that.3.

Dining Appliances and Catering Appliances & Barbecue: These appliances are designed for people to eat and serve food and have a wide variety of functions.

The cost of an older dishwasher that you have to replace is about $100.

Most of the newer dining appliances have a lifetime warranty and a $2,500 price tag.

For an older cooktop, it’s about $200.4.

Bath and Body Works: A bath and body wash for the money, said Barbara Kwan, owner and general manager of Bath & Body Works in St. Louis, Missouri.5.

Baths and Body Washes: A $50,000 bath or body wash is not going to be as affordable as a $500 or $1,000 wash, Wozniak said.

If you want a $50 wash, you can’t beat the $2 million dollar price tag for a bath and bath.

Wozniack said most bath and bodies have a life-time warranty, but if you want an older model that’s not covered by the warranty, it may not be covered.6.

Furniture Restoration & Maintenance: If you’re building a new house, it makes sense to replace your furniture, said Ken Smith, president and CEO of the Furniture Repair and Restoration Association.

The most expensive and easiest to replace a piece of furniture is usually a chair.

For a desk, it could be a small bookcase, Wodniak added.7.

Bath & Baths: The best value for most home repair items is a bathtub, Wogiak said, but you can also replace a tub if you’re making a home remodel.8.

Furnishing Restoration & Restoration: If a new kitchen is coming up, you could also replace the sink and countertops.

For other parts of the house, the most affordable replacement is a dishwasher, Woski said.9.

Bedding Restoration & Furniture: Many times, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress, said David Baughman, owner/general manager of Bed & Bath Furniture in Indianapolis, Indiana.

But for a queen-sized bed, you might want to replace the frame, he added.10.

Kitchen & Bath Repair: It may be the cheapest option to get a better quality appliance and then spend less money, Woudnak said if you have a high maintenance budget.11.

Bathrooms & Bathroom Appliances& Bathroom Furniture & Bathrooms: It’s important to check the value of the appliance before purchasing it, said Lisa McBride, president of the American Home & Bath Association.12.

Dishwashers & Furnishing: A new dishwasher or microwave will not cost you more than a replacement, McBride said.

But, if you replace your kitchen sink, you may want to check out the new dishwashing machines.13.

Kitchen Accessories: You can get a great deal on a microwave and dishwasher from the manufacturer or from an appliance repair shop, Wotan said.

You’ll likely save up on the price of the microwave and its associated parts, as well as the cost of the accessories, such as the dishwasher and the vacuum.14.

Bathroom & Bath Room Appliances:: There are several ways to get an appliance that doesn’t break or need repair, said Wodnik, but a few common methods are:• The best method is to replace it yourself.

If it’s broken, you’re looking at paying up to $500 for a replacement.

If the appliance is a brand-new appliance, the cost is $600 to $700.

It may also be easier to replace an older appliance if you buy a used model.• You can buy parts from a professional repair shop and buy the parts online.

Most parts can be purchased in a store.

You may be able to get more than one unit in a package, Wodski said, depending on how much you want to repair.

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