Watch the first of this year’s awards: Best appliance repair

A new award has been announced for the best appliance repair in 2017.

The award is named Best Appliance Repair by the Home Appliance and Kitchen Manufacturers Association (HAIMA) and the New York State Restaurant and Food Service Association (NYSFFSA).

The award goes to a contractor in New York City who, over the course of six months, has repaired at least 200 new or refurbished kitchen appliances.

The winners will be announced on March 1, 2018.

The HAIMA’s award ceremony, which takes place at the Empire Polo Club in New Jersey, was held in January.

The NYSFFS’ award ceremony will be held on March 2 at the World Trade Center in New Manhattan.

The awards are not a formal recognition of the work of the person who is responsible for repairing the appliance.

Rather, they are given for the overall quality of their work and the effort and ingenuity of the contractor.

The winner of the 2017 HAIMa Best Appliant Repair award is Jonathan F. Schulz, the contractor behind the restoration of the kitchen sink in Brooklyn.

In 2017, he also helped repair a pair of antique refrigerators in Brooklyn, a home for the elderly and disabled.

Schulz said in a statement, “In order to be able to deliver the appliance repaired to my customer in such a short time period, I relied heavily on my team, which included myself and a great number of my friends and neighbors.

My goal is to be as helpful and as helpful as possible, and I believe this award reflects that.”

He added, “The work that went into this appliance restoration was incredible and it shows that this award really reflects the quality of my work.”

He also praised his “professionalism and dedication.”

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